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Note :
Karena nilai tukar rupiah yang semakin melemah, maka PT. Kasindo Graha Kencana (Distribusi Resmi Casio Indonesia) menaikkan harga 12-15% per tanggal 10 Desember. ( Untuk Harga Fix nya Silahkan Hubungi CS Kami )
Produk Terbaru
  • G-Shock GA 100CF

    G-Shock GA 100CF

    Camouflage Series From the popular big, bold GA-100 Series comes a new collection of models that feature a camouflage pattern face. Basic black or gray coloring is offset by the metallic camouflage pattern of the face, which is further accented by the silver or gold coloring of the hands and hour ...

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  • Baby-G BGA 171

    Baby-G BGA 171

    NEON ILLUMINATOR Here are some new additions to the popular BGA-170 Series, whose colors are inspired by the rising and setting sun. The gradation in the coloring of the hour markers creates the image of the changing hues of the sky as the sun rises and sets. Hour marker colors are ...

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  • Baby-G BA 110

    Baby-G BA 110

    Introducing a new Baby-G Series that packs the popular G-SHOCK GA-110 Series into a compact configuration with cool designs that are totally new for the Baby-G lineup. These models are available in black, white, semi-transparent, and silver. The faces of these models are layered for a multi-dimensional look, and metallic ...

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  • G-Shock GA 310

    G-Shock GA 310

    This new GA-310 series comes with large Arabic numerals at 12 and 6 o'clock for an attractive mechanical look. GA-310 is available in either basic black or brighter colors. The GA-310 also features a high-brightness LED and a multi-dimensional face design that help to make face information easier to ...

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  • G-Shock GAC 110

    G-Shock GAC 110

    Mineral Glass, Magnetic Resistant, Shock Resistant, Screw Lock Crown, 200-meter water resistance, Case / bezel material: Resin, Resin Band 1/5-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 59'59.8" Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times... - Rp 1.430.000

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  • G-Shock GWX 8900

    G-Shock GWX 8900

    Tide Graph and Moon Phase Graph with two-tone LCD, Introducing the latest additions to the G-LIDE lineup of timepieces preferred by the world’s top surfers and extreme sports athletes. The GWX-8900 models feature solar-powered multi-band radio-controlled atomic timekeeping that updates .... - Rp 1.470.000

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  • Casio MRW 200HC

    Casio MRW 200HC

    • 100-meter water resistance, • Rotary bezel, • Day and date display, • Large, easy-to-read Arabic numerals, • Fashionable diver design .... - Rp 317.000

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  • Edifice EFB 300L

    Edifice EFB 300L

    • NEO BRIGHT, • 100-meter water resistance, • Stainless steel case and band, • EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle • Genuine leather band ..... Rp 1.835.000

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  • Edifice EFR 533L

    Edifice EFR 533L

    • Super Illuminator, • 100-meter water resistance, • 1/10-second chronograph, • Date display, • EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle, • Genuine leather band ... - Rp 1.590.000

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  • Alexandre Christie AC 6317

    Alexandre Christie AC 6317

    Spec: Grey steel grey dial, black leather diameter 4.5cm,WR - Rp 975.000

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  • G-Shock GW 9400

    G-Shock GW 9400

    Introducing RANGEMAN, the latest addition to the Master of G series of tough and rugged timepieces that are designed and engineered to stand up to the most grueling conditions imaginable. RANGEMAN is Triple Sensor equipped, which makes it capable of keeping altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and direction readings at your ...

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  • Baby-G BGA 131

    Baby-G BGA 131

    Mineral Glass, Shock Resistant, 100-meter water resistance, Case / bezel material: Resin, Resin Band, Neon Illuminator (Blacklight LED), Selectable illumination duration, afterglow, World time, 29 time zones (27 cities + greenwich mean time), city code display, daylight saving on/off..... - Rp 1.046.500

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